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Saturday, January 25, 2020

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 The "Khalij" hotel apartment & resort complex is the first and most unique hotel in the area of ​​No.2 (Shomare 2 district) and Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf) boulevard, managed by Mr. "Mansour Salmani".

 Mr. Mansour Salmani, a 14-year-old collector and founder of the sports complex "Exir", and for 14 years, was the managing director and owner of the "Exir Badansazan Javan (ExBJ)" Trading Company in the field of licensed sports equipment, accessories and supplements from the Ministry of Health has been in business engagement with Germany, the United States, etc, now with a treasure trove of experience and knowledge in business and tourism, has created a hotel group called "Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf)", with the approach of creating a happy and comfortable environment that includes a centralized health and sports parameter (treadmill Eight-course  professional accommodation units), billiards, football and other sports equipment in rooms and hotel apartment units and salon, and the establishment of a completely different salon, and the result of an innovative combination of traditional space and modern space, is trying to continue to be in the field of tourism and accommodation be different.

 Experienced personnel and course management of this complex is to set up tourism offices as well as start up hotel chain of the second, third and so on, in the next phases and most importantly the creation and establishment of the Association of "100 years Healthy and happy" NGO, aims to look forward to the health and well-being of the proud nation of Iran and even the world.

 In the next and higher stages, let's start by organizing sports and recreation competitions (in the light of the specialized and relatively special background in the field of sports and import of sporting goods and most importantly the full professional sponsorship of the national bodybuilding team) to bring happiness and a happy culture, living well, play a vital role in the community.


We guarantee travel, accommodation, and services for memorable and relaxing moments for each great guest. Why are we firmly convinced ?! Because we are different, of course, 70% of the regions and tourist destinations and the main shopping malls are within a 15-minute distance of the Khalij Hotel.